Internal transport systems

Our Company has the ability to produce and introduce comprehensive systems.

Our main areas of business are automated transport systems. Produced in our company, the machine can be controlled by a programmable PLC and be supervised by SCADA systems.


Roller conveyor  

standard transport systems. Modules produced in lengths of up to 6 meters. The entire length of the lines could be up to several hundred meters.

Payload: up to 3 tons / m
Maximum Width: 3000 mm
Minimum height: 100 mm
Speed: dependent on technology

Scissor lifts

systems are often used in transport systems to move between several levels of working.

We manufacture scissor lifts with actuators:
hydraulic, electric and pneumatic.

Load capacity: up to 4 tons
Stroke: up to 5 meters
The size of the platform and the lifting time: depend on technology

Rotating-machine stations

cooperating in automated transportation systems are used to change the direction of motion.

Chain conveyor

can work independently or as part of automation. Machines are often used to change the direction of movement of material on conveyor roller (in parallel).

Rail carriages

element integrating these machines

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